Performance price of EUR 133.34 is absolute record for starch manufacturer Royal Avebe

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A performance price of EUR 133.34 (USD 145.62) is an absolute record for Dutch starch manufacturer Royal Avebe

december 19, 2023
Royal Avebe closes financial year 2022/2023 with a performance price of EUR 133.34 (USD 145.62). This is an unprecedented strong result in Avebe’s history in a challenging year. The cooperative result is EUR 20.8 million (USD 22.7 million) . The payout to members is 27 per cent more than last year.

David Fousert, chairman of Avebe’s board:
"This increase is also necessary to keep growing starch potatoes attractive. By showing enormous dedication and commitment and by working together as 'One Avebe' – members and employees as the Avebe Team – we achieved some strong results, despite all global developments. I therefore would like to thank everyone for their efforts."
Produced starch at a good level

The total volume of starch produced was 10 percent lower compared to the previous financial year, driven by the dry weather conditions in both the Netherlands and Germany.

The quality of the potatoes was good. The average starch percentage reached 20.17 percent, which is above the long-term average of 20 percent.

Added value through market-driven innovation and sustainability

Last period, Avebe have taken important first steps towards a market-driven organization with a focus on added value.

A fitting example is the development of pizza cheese free of dairy, but in which our potato ingredients provide the perfect texture. With these activities, Avebe create ingredients that add value to its customers’ en products and plays an important role in the healthy food transition.


In the field of sustainability, investments have been made in electric steam boilers at the production sites in Ter Apelkanaal and Gasselternijveen.

Avebe has given high priority to reduce CO2 and energy consumption. Also the share of new sustainable potato varieties was increased.

With the starch potato as its basis and its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Avebe is a powerful player in the food industry.

David Fousert:
"We play an important role in the transition to a more plant-based economy, with healthier, more sustainable and plant-based food and bio-based products and building materials. Avebe is at the forefront of these developments and we remain committed to meeting the changing needs of customers and consumers."
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