Southern Fabrication Works Enters Partnership with Food Physics North America

With its KW Washing and Destoning Combo, Southern Fabrication Works offers a 3 in 1 solution to wash potatoes and several other types of produce and remove stones as well as floating debris. Shown is the KW 600 A

SFW - KW Washing and Destoning Combo

maart 22, 2023
In the interest of bringing the most advanced technology to the food processing industry, SFW Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Fabrication Works LLC, announced a new partnership with Food Physics North America.

Neil Justesen, Founder of SFW Technologies:
"On behalf of SFW Technologies, I am pleased to welcome Food Physics North America as a partner. We have been devoted believers in the PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology for many years and are excited to be working with Food Physics at a much higher level."

"We anticipate this partnership to be beneficial to all involved, especially to our customers."
Food Physics North America is a technology company with systems that create high-quality food with better yields and greater stability. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, this partnership will create a streamlined platform to offer better sales, service coverage, and customer support for all North American customers, including those in Mexico and the Caribbean as well as a fully functioning lab for testing food enhancement technologies and other industrial applications.

Nick Speakman, Founder of Food Physics North America:
"We are delighted to be working with a company such as SFW Technologies, which has such a strong work ethic and a history of success in the North American market."

"Together, we will be better positioned to deliver new technologies such as PEF and HST (High Sheer Tumbling) by having access to SFW’s excellent network."
The Food Physics location in Boise will become the base for the partnership with SFW Technologies, and will now offer additional cutting-edge food processing advancements and provide for more testing and trials. Justesen unveiled plans to extend the Boise Food Lab by incorporating technologies such as Hydrocutting, Sorting and Sizing, Drying, and New Green technologies.

By combining science-based innovation and well-established industry experience, the Boise Food Lab is well-placed to unlock advanced solutions. It will also provide meaningful opportunities for the global market in cost reduction, sustainability, improved quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance.

This new partnership looks forward to working with a united customer base to become the foremost provider of new and innovative technologies to the food and beverage industry.
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