The potato optical grader I-CropVision by DOWNS to be launched at Potato Europe 2023 in Belgium

DOWNS I-CropVision

DOWNS I-CropVision

september 01, 2023
DOWNS has extended its range of optical potato sorters with the arrival of the I-CropVision®: a modular version of the CropVision®, it incorporates the same technology and numerous benefits.

By integrating the I-CropVision® free standing unit into existing installations, all potato growers can now get benefits of the unique performance of the CropVision®.

Following the success of the CropVision® integrated optical sorter, DOWNS has extended its range with the launch of the I-CropVision. As an independent version of the CropVision, the I-CropVision has the advantage of being integrated into existing installations, regardless of the manufacturer, location or year of manufacture.

All potato growers can now get benefits of the advantages of this unique optical sorter. This new format is highly versatile. It can be fitted into an existing COMBI grader at harvest time, behind a box tipper for shipping potatoes, or in the middle of a sizing or packaging line. Completely autonomous, it will find its place with all producers.

The I-CropVision the same tried and tested technology as the CropVision, i.e. an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that qualifies all potatoes (green, cut, misshapen, rotten, etc.) as well as waste. Double-effect ejector fingers drive the product to one of the 3 outputs: good product, 2nd quality and waste.

Damien Dubrulle, Managing Director:
"When global potato consumption is increasing by 4.5% per year and lack of labour is continuously increasing, the I-CropVision® optical potato sorter is becoming an essential tool for all potato growers."
The I-CropVision® incorporates all the benefits of the CropVision® optical sorter, including:
  • Improving profitability
  • Greater peace of mind at work thanks to less manpower to manage
  • Improving the carbon balance
  • Improved storage management

The independent I-CropVision module is available in different widths: 1.10, 2.40 and 2.80M.

The I-CropVision will be previewed on the DOWNS stand (no. 1) at the PotatoEurope trade fair on 6 and 7 September in Kain, Belgium.