BEPPCO introduces a new potato snacks brand 'Win'

BEPPCO introduced its new potato snacks brand 'Win'

BEPPCO introduced its new potato snacks brand 'Win'

maart 27, 2024

Beirut Erbil Potato Products Company (BEPPCO) has introduced its latest innovation to the market: 'Win', a new line of natural potato chips to the snack market in Iraq.

Leveraging the latest global technology, Wayne offers a wide range of flavors to excite the taste buds, including classic options such as Ketchup and Original, along with gourmet options such as French Cheese, Vinegar, Yoghurt and Herb, chilli & lemon and Lemon.

This exciting addition joins the company's portfolio of snack offerings, which includes popular items such as Mito, Wizzo, Snacky stix and MR.krisper.

What distinguishes BEPPCO is its commitment to using locally sourced Iraqi potatoes, a move aimed at supporting and empowering local farmers in Iraq.

By supporting local agriculture, Beirut Erbil Potato Products not only provides exceptional snacks, but also promotes sustainability and economic growth within the community. With Wayne, consumers can enjoy guilt-free snacking while contributing to the prosperity of Iraq's agricultural sector.

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