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Today, more than ever before, farmers are experiencing the impact of climate change on their businesses. That's why they developed Aphasol, a range of amino acid biostimulants that improve plant performance and increase tolerance to stress.


BELFertil represents the vast majority of the fertilizer industry in Belgium and GD of Luxemburg. BELFertil vzw, founded in 2008, is a Belgian association of phosphate and nitrogen producers with origins extending since 1971.

Bruwier Potatoes n.v.

Bruwier Potatoes concentrate their activities on providing service. They look for the potatoes that you need, throughout the world, in the required quantity, size, colour and variety at the keenest prices.

Certis Belchim

Certis Belchim B.V solutions are focused on providing efficiency and productivity so that producers find profitability in our products which are also safe for applicators, consumers and the environment.

De Lille Nv

Established in 1968, the company De Lille has been the importer of Merlo telescopic handlers and other Merlo machines in the Benelux for the last 30 years. They offer new as well as used telescopic handlers and this for sale or for rent.

Decock Plants

Decock Plants is specialised in the production of young plants and have become one of the leading companies in this market. High-quality cuttings thanks to their wealth of knowledge and expertise.
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Deman nv

Deman is a family business with 2 main branches. The comoany is involved in sale and production of harvesting machines for sprouts and other machinaries for the industry.


GRIMME Belgium NV Agricultural machinery manufacturer in Roeselare, Belgium

HH Agri

HH Agri is a distributor of technical equipment and the provision of associated services within the agricultural sector.

Je-Be bvba

Je-Be bvba offers Humigator for potato storage

Kreglinger Europe N.V.

Kreglinger Europe is one of the rare independent specialists in the European ingredients business and also plays a major role in potato crop protection.

Packo Agri

Packo Agri focuses on the sale and marketing of agricultural machines: machines for haymaking, tillage and sowing technology, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers and machines for feeding technology of the brands Kuhn, Köckerling, Agricola Italiana and Kerner.
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SETIS Systems bv

SETIS™ is a novel concept within TIS technology, using the Twin-bottles principle of two connected vessels (plant material and growth media vessels).

Verhelst-Agri NV

Verhelst-Agri is a supplier to agriculture of fertilizers (customized fertilizers, foliar nutrition, microgranules...) Phyto, animal feed, sowing seeds, plastic, pesticides.


Vervit is a plant tissue culture company focused on advanced micropropagation technologies.


ViaFrites offers peeled raw and fresh potato products. ViaFrites based in Belgium.


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