Buhler Aeroglide - AeroDry conveyor dryer

Bühler's AeroDry conveyor dryer drying French Fries.

Bühler's AeroDry conveyor dryer drying French Fries.

Dehydrators and Dryers for Potato Products

Meeting a wide range of potato processing challenges with drying expertise.

The potato processing industry requires a wide range of processing equipment to produce a premium quality product.

Bühler offers thermal processing options that optimize product quality and operating efficiency. Bühler dryers set the standard for product quality, performance and sanitation in the potato industry.

Custom systems are available for drying, dehydro-freezing, dehydrating, roasting and baking processes. Applications include wedged, diced, cut sliced, shredded, whole potato products, and chips made from sweet potatoes or white potatoes.

Alternating airflow direction rapidly removes surface moisture while maintaining product consistency throughout the cross section of each individual cut size.

Potato Product Applications:
  • French Fry and Sweet Potato Fry Dryers: Gentle handling, uniform moisture removal and precise control over the drying process are keys to high quality French fries and sweet potato fries. Advanced process controls allow optimum product consistency, texture and bite.

  • Potato Dehydrators: For long shelf-life, low-moisture potatoes, or for root and arboreal vegetables, consider multi-stage dehydrators. These configurations accommodate the most difficult of processes: gently drying while minimizing case hardening, providing color uniformity, and maintaining structure for a superior product when reconstituted.

  • Impingement Roasters for Potatoes: High velocity air impingement systems strip away the insulating layer of cool air next to the product surface. This turbulent flow process greatly accelerates heat transfer. Impingement ovens excel at developing even color when roasting potatoes and other vegetable products.

  • Dehydro-Frozen Dryers: These dryers are designed to effectively process dehydro-frozen potatoes and vegetables. Steam and gas-fired systems offer high efficiency drying with minimum energy consumption.