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Marel LinearOven

Marel LinearOven

The LinearOven steams, cooks, and roasts products, including potato specialties. The LinearOven’s dual-zone design lets you precisely adjust the temperature, dew point, and airspeed to create the optimal cooking climates for your specific products.

Quality results, best value for money
  • Low investment, fast returns
  • Simple installation, easy operation
  • Low maintenance
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Marel LinearOven in process

Marel LinearOven in process

Excellent product yield

The automatic dew point control system lets you control steam content in the oven to cook your products as efficiently as possible, retaining maximum moisture for optimal yield.

High-quality results

The oven’s air circulation system creates the perfect conditions for cooking your products and ensuring a consistently even, all-round core temperature.

Fast return on investment

Its simple installation, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and excellent yield all combine to ensure you get an exceptionally fast return on your investment.

Supporting you with knowledge and expertise

We have over 30 years' experience in heating technology. Our large group of expert technologists can provide all the support you need to achieve maximum product yield and get the best possible results from your oven.