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Thermax – Ultra Low - Pressure Vapour Absorption Chiller

Thermax's Energy Efficient Solution in potato processing - Thermax manufactures high COP absorption chillers catering to a wide range of industrial applications from comfort cooling to process cooling.

One of Thermax’s most innovative and unique solution, the Ultra-Low Pressure absorption chiller, has found an efficient application in potato processing industries.

Driven by very low- pressure water vapour, the chiller is capable of meeting the cooling demands (Comfort cooling or industrial process cooling) of industries.

Potato has 75% water content, which upon frying gets converted into low pressure vapour. Generally, in potato snacks manufacturing facilities, this vapour is released into the atmosphere through an Induced Draft fan inside the chimney.

Alternatively, Thermax’s innovative Ultra-low pressure absorption chiller harnesses the heat from the vapor generated during the frying process and uses it as the energy source.

The absorption chiller utilizes the low-grade vapour (which is otherwise wasted) to generate chilled water at the required temperature, thereby meeting the cooling demands of the facility.

The condensate (hot water) from the chiller can be utilized for other purposes in the facility (like washing potatoes), resulting in water savings.

Successful commissioning of the Ultra-Low Pressure absorption chillers in many potato processing industries have substantially increased energy savings and decreased carbon emissions owing to the industrial cooling requirements.

Several forums have recognised the usefulness of the chiller and hence presented awards and accolades to it.

Heat Source: Vapour emitted out from the potato snacks during the frying process

Vapour Pressure: 0.0 to 0.3 bar

Capacity Range: 50TR to 2000TR

COP: 0.75