tna robag® 3e FX series

tna robag® FX 3e is a high-performance vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system that delivers the fastest speeds in the industry and the latest in automation with real-time EtherCAT® protocol.

Reaching up to 250 bags per minute, the tna robag® FX 3e also offers superior flexibility thanks to its rotary triple, double, single and flat jaw configurations. With an integrated display controller CXE, smart diagnostics system, and enhanced serviceability, the tna robag® FX 3e bags just about any type of snack (or food application) faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

No matter what type of bag you need, changing out formers is simple and quick with our patented tna robag Auto Connect and Unload Assist. There’s less physical strain on operators and more uptime for packaging your product.


  • The fastest – packs up to 250 bags per minute*
  • Up to 99% target output efficiency and wastage as low as 0.1%*
  • Small footprint, featuring tna’s patented stripper tube closer and advanced film control features
  • Quick and easy product changeover due to tna’s patented unload assist, auto-connect and one-touch recipe change function
  • Reduces maintenance costs with:
    • Drives and controls common to the tna ® tna intelli-flav systems
    • Smart diagnostics and remote connectivity
    • Up to 20% reduced cabling with EtherCAT connectivity

Standard features

  • Mono-rail long life vacuum pull belts
  • 38.1cm (15inch) colour touch screens
  • Smart response film dancer
  • Quick change, lightweight former
  • Single pass film loading
  • Auto positioning vacuum drives
  • Servo-driven quick change jaws
  • Patented product stripper/tube closer
  • tna intelli-system® continuous motion control software

Optional features

  • High performance system
  • Modbus/TCP interface for SCADA applications
  • Product–in-seal (PISD) speed regulating software
  • Full up and down stream integration options including:
    • tna intelli-weigh® multihead weighers
    • tna hyper-detect® metal detectors
    • tna intelli-date® code applicator
    • tna intelli-read® barcode verification
    • bag collators
    • inserters
    • programmable string bag systems
    • tna take away conveyors
    • augers
    • check weighers

Application: Vertical, form, fill and seal packaging of baked snacks, cereals, confectionery, nuts, packaging, pasta, powders and snacks.

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tna robag® FX 3e series

tna robag 3e FX series brochure

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tna robag 3e FX series brochure

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tna robag® 3e FX series specifications