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tna Volumetric main-line seasoning system quik-coat® MLS 3

tna quik-coat® MLS 3 is a volumetric main-line seasoning system that accurately applies a continuous coating onto snacks moving at a fixed rate through our production line.

The tna quik-coat® MLS 3 performs with simplicity consisting of a tumble drum and continuous volumetric oiling and seasoning system.

Standard features
  • Multi-flighted tumble drum
  • Continuous Oil Spray
  • Auger feeder with consistent volumetric control
  • Variable speed biased cut scarf feed

Optional features
  • tna quik-coat® VCO 3 volumetric oil spray system
  • Economical method for oil application, controlled by a positive displacement pump system
  • Atomises oil using proprietory nozzles

  • baked snacks
  • cereals
  • confectionery
  • finishing equipment
  • meat & poultry
  • nuts
  • pet foods
  • snacks
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.