TOMRA 3A whole potato sorting machine

TOMRA 3A whole potato sorting machine

Boasting the highest capacity on the market, the TOMRA 3A is the most robust, reliable and cost-effective optical sorter available for growers.

Built to last, it is a highly efficient, durable and powerful labor-saving solution specifically developed to provide unrivalled foreign material removal and meet harvest demands.

Simple to install, use and maintain, it is an easy fit into the harvest cleaning and grading line and can also be used for out-of-storage sorting.

Sophisticated Technology. High Performance

The TOMRA 3A employs NIR (Near Infra-Red) multi-spectral sensors for an unobstructed assessment of every object ‘in flight’, seamlessly identifying between potatoes and foreign material. Color sensors now also enable the detection of unwanted green potatoes. Positioned at the end of the conveyor belt, intelligent finger ejectors achieve superior foreign material and green potato removal with minimum loss of good product.

The strategic combination of multi-spectral pulsed LED illumination technology, high-resolution cameras and TOMRA analysis software ensures the accurate and consistent removal of stones, soil clods, rocks, wood, bone, plastic, glass, metal and rubber.

Enclosed in a fully sealed box, the camera is tolerant of most environmental conditions such as rain, wind, dust and heat while the optical system has no moving parts, making the TOMRA 3A the most mobile, robust and stable sorter available.

Durable. Reliable. Easy to Operate.

When it comes to boosting productivity, optimizing efficiency and maximizing value, information is key. Installed with a highly intuitive user touchscreen, the TOMRA 3A ensures monitoring of the sort at a glance. Adjustments, if needed, are quick and simple. The bright, information-rich display also provides a clear, on-screen display of data, empowering the grower with total control over the quality of the sort.
  • Significant labor reduction
  • Higher yields and enhanced product quality
  • Superior foreign material removal and reduced risk of deductions
  • Unwanted green potato removal
  • High capacity for quicker harvest (up to 100TPH possible)
  • Accommodates various soil types and coverages
  • Optimized design for gentle handling even during fast, high capacity sorts
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Consistent long-life accuracy
  • Quick and easy installation
  • User-friendly, simple to use and maintain