Urschel - Diversa Cut 2110 A Dicers

DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer

DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer

The DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer offers a turnkey approach to processors. Available in 3 different models: DiversaCut 2110A Standard Dicer, NEW DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge, and DiversaCut 2110A (LPI) Large Product Input.

The models offer cost savings by eliminating the need to precut products. The built-in conveyor version guarantees a successful transfer point to maximize product quality and improve yield.

The conveyor facilitates batch processing into totes or onto conveying systems or platforms. The new machine also eases routine servicing by maintaining the machine at floor level.


  • NEW DiversaCut 2110A with Conveyor Discharge, and standard DiversaCut 2110A Dicer.
  • The DiversaCut 2110A® Dicer dices, strips, slices, granulates, and shreds at high production capacities.
  • All 3 models offer cost-savings by limiting the need for pre-cutting of products. Standard DiversaCut 2110A and Conveyor Discharge both accept products up to 10" (254 mm) in any dimension. Large Product Input machine accepts products as large as 14" (356 mm) in diameter.
  • All models feature high capacity production capabilities and continuous operation for uninterrupted production. The compact cutting zone, completely separate from the mechanical zone establishes precision cuts as the product moves throughout the process. Slice adjustment dials and locks in the slice size. Adjustable collars on circular and crosscut spindles provide fine-tuning for ultimate precision.