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Variety Name: AnoukRights Holder | BreederAGRICO RESEARCH BVCountry of OriginNetherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction2014ParentageAMPERA x AR 95-1073

Anouk is a second-early, high-yielding table variety with smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh. Its high-set and uniform, round tuber shape make it ideal for the creamer market.

Anouk has a high resistance to late blight and PVY, and is therefore highly suited for organic growing. Anouk also has some processing qualities.

Tuber Characteristics

  • Tuber Shape: round oval
  • Flesh Color: yellow
  • Eye Depth: very shallow
  • Skin Color: light yellow
  • Skin Texture: very-smooth
  • Dormancy: very good
  • Tuber Size: small

Yield and Quality

  • Markets: Table/Fresh, High Set, Organic, Specialty, Gourmet
  • Yield: high-very high
  • Tubers Per Plant: 25-30+
  • Cooking Type: A/B


  • Scab: medium
  • PVY: medium-high
  • Foliage Blight: medium-high
  • Tuber Blight: high
  • Damages: medium-high
  • Bruising: medium-high
  • Nematodes: PCN - RO1 & 4