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Variety Name: RecordRights Holder | BreederR.J. DE VROOMECountry of OriginNetherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction1932ParentageTRENCTRIA x ENERGIE
Record is a cream coloured potato with an oval shape and a slightly rough yellow-brown ‘netted’ skin finish and yellow flesh.

Records are dry and floury when cooked and are particularly popular in the Midlands and the West of Ireland for all round use.

Peak availability is from September to Mid June.

  • Tuber skin colour: White to yellow
  • Tuber eye colour: Yellow
  • Primary tuber flesh colour: White
  • Tuber shape: Oval to round
  • Tuber eye depth: Medium
  • Tuber skin texture: Intermediate to rough
  • Maturity: Intermediate to late
  • Growth habit: Semi erect
  • Foliage cover: Moderate
  • Flower colour: White
  • Flower frequency: Rare
  • Berries: Rare
  • Pollen fertility: Low
  • Stolon length: Medium
  • Light sprout colour: Blue
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