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Amica Chips

Amica Chips is an Italian manufacturer of chips and snacks

Azienda Agricola Aceto Renato

Azienda Agricola Aceto Renato is an Italian company specialized in the production of kiwi snacks.

Bag Snacks

Bag Snacks is an Italian snack manufacturer of Fried and Baked extruded snacks and snack pellets.

Ghiott Dolciaria Srl

Ghiott Dolciaria of Florence, Italy, is a producer of typical Tuscan pastries, was founded in 1953 by a Florentine family of well-known pastry confectioners.

ICA Foods SpA

ICA Foods is one of the most important players, firmly grounded within both the National and International scenarios, focused on the modern production of potato chips and snacks.
Main brands: Crik Crok , Puff, Le Contadine, Best for You, Blitz

Le Caselle s.r.l.

Le Caselle SRL is an Italian manufacturer of snack pellets.
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MAFIN S.p.a.

Mafin Srl is a leading Italian pellet snack manufacturer, 100% focused on pellet production. A large part of its assortment is tailor developed in cooperation with its customers.

Pata Snack

Pata Snack is a manufacturer of a range of savory snacks based in Italy

Preziosi Food

Preziosi Food is an Italian manufacturer of sweet and savory snack products

SAN CARLO Gruppo Alimentare S.p.A.

Market leader in Italy in the production and sale of potato chips and savoury snacks


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