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Elaborados Naturales de la Ribera - BS Cocinados, S.L.

The company Elaborados Naturales - BS Cocinados, S.L. is a Spanish manufacturer of prepared dishes and meals. The company offers a wide range of food products to both retail and foodservice.

Iden Biotechnology

Iden Biotechnology is a biotechnological company operating in the agricultural space, developing products and integrated solutions for crop yield and quality enhancement.

NatuBer, Transformados de patata de Alava s.l.

Spanish manufacturer of fresh, peeled and cut potato products.


Neiker, the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, is a nonprofit state-owned company assigned to the Department of Environment, Regional Planning, Agriculture, and fisheries of the Basque Government.

Patatas Aguilar

Patatas Aguilar offers a wide range of products. They provide with the most suitable variety of potato for all your recipes. They also offer the possibility to choose the best size for your needs.


Paturpat is a Spanish Company specialized in processing and marketing steamed potatoes. Branded Depatata, the ready to eat potatoes are sold to industry, in food service and in retail.


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