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Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment

Heat and Control is an international manufacturer of equipment with over sixty-five years’ experience and expertise in the potato processing industry.
We are a successful family-run company in the second generation developing, manufacturing and installing high-quality, high-performance and functionally reliable machines and plants.
Allround Group is specialised in machines for washing and grading of vegetables and potatoes (Allround Vegetable Processing B.V.) as well as storage equipment for potatoes , onion, carrots and other fruits and vegetables (Allround Storage).
TNA Australia is a manufacturer of packaging systems, turn key systems and distribution services
Quin Systems Ltd is a UK based engineering business specialized in designing and building end-of-line production systems such as case packers, case sealing, conveyors and inspection.
Rovema, a global manufacturer in total packaging technology, offers a complete line of high quality machines and integrated systems which simplify the packaging process.
Saimo is a Chinese manufacturer of packaging equipment providing an extensive range of weighing, packaging and inspection equipment for Snacks.
Simionato develops and produces linear weighers and multihead weighers combined with vertical packaging machines.
The Sorma Group provides packaging and packaging materials for the fruit and vegetable sector - including packaging and packaging equipment for table potatoes.
Sorpac is a Polish company producing weighing and packaging machines and complete technological lines for portioning and packing of fruits and vegetables.
TJF is a manufacturer of processing equipment for snacks in Spain.
TNA Australia is a manufacturer of packaging systems, turn key systems and distribution services
Tong Engineering (formerly known as Tong Peal) is a designer and manufacturer of potato handling machinery, including hoppers, sizers, washers and destoners.