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CFT-Group's mission is to keep on being one of the leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment worldwide, for the Food, Liquid Food and Beverage industry.

Italpack S.r.l.

Italpack is a manufacturer of packing lines to handle SOS block-bottom bags for varied products including potatoes.

Martini s.r.l.

Martini Srl is an Italian manufacturer of packing machines.

Pavan Group

The Pavan Group is an Italian company with global reach, manufacturing processing equipment for the food Industry. The Pavan Group sells extrusion systems for snacks, pellets and direct expanded snacks,cereals and pasta and stackable potato chips lines.

Sgorbati Group Srl

Sgorbati Group provides innovative technologies for the growth of vegetable's growers and processors.

Simionato Integrated Packaging System s.r.l.

Simionato develops and produces linear weighers and multihead weighers combined with vertical packaging machines.

Sorma Group

The Sorma Group provides packaging and packaging materials for the fruit and vegetable sector - including packaging and packaging equipment for table potatoes.

Unisorting Potatoes

Unisorting Potatoes Sort 3 technology, used in sorting and grading lines, enables you to select the desirable and undesirable characteristics of any kind of potato.


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