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Simon's Steam'R

Simon is recommending its Steam’R line for use in any crop, including potatoes, especially in organic production.

The Steam'R range is equipped with a brand new generation of boilers: heating performance and high efficiency thanks to superheated steam that optimizes the transport of steam to the steam plates without generating over-consumption of fuel oil

The unique design of the steam plates optimizes the steam distribution over the entire surface to be treated and at depth.

Intelligent thanks to an integrated computer, the Steam'R is equipped with a travel speed (including intercycle travel) 5 times faster compared to its competitors. This ensures a 20 to 25% faster construction rate. Consumption per hectare is therefore reduced accordingly. All this while having also worked on a good soundproofing of the tool

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Self propelled steam disinfection machine for the soil : the Steam'R from Simon

Everything has been thought of by the manufacturer on this new Steam'R range. Indeed, maintenance has been reduced and made very accessible. Operation is also made easier thanks to precise communication with the Steam'R (precise SMS on Gsm) and to the assisted folding and unfolding of the steam plates for road transport or manoeuvring in the field. The manufacturer has also considered the maneuverability of its Steam'R range thanks to a good turning radius and power steering.

The Steam'R range scrupulously meets the safety and use standards according to the European Machinery Directives and is compliant for use in organic agriculture.
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