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FastBack P2 400E, the sanitary solution for high-volume transfer.
FastBack® 260E G3
The new FastBack P2 400E horizontal motion conveyor is the sanitary solution for high-volume transfer and distribution.
Heat and Control - FastBack® Blending System
FastBack® Blending System
FastBack Blending Systems offer manufacturers the most economical, accurate, and consistent means of delivering product blends to multiple scales in a variety of environments.
SFW - Tapered Roll Sizer
Tapered Roll Sizer
Size your potatoes using the compact and easy to clean SFW tapered roll sizer
SFW - Water Treatment (Solids Removal)
Water Treatment (Solids Removal)
Solids handling system designed to work in conjunction with washing or other solid saturated water systems. This system can be sized and implemented to produce clean recirculated water where solids removal is required.
H-Flow Conveyor ®
H-Flow Conveyor®
The H-Flow Conveyor® guarantees less product breakage and loss of coating and flavouring, compared to vibratory transfer systems.
SFW Even Flow Bins
Even Flow Bins
Southern Fabrication Works offers a range of even flow bins with a wide range of capacities an with multiple filling and discharge options, designed to create a smooth and consistent product flow
Heat and Control - Fastlane
Heat and Control Fastlane infeed conveyors offer Easy, safe and cost-effective delivery of a singulated stream of potatoes to multiple slicers.
Heat and Control - Grader-Halver
A cost-effective solution designed to consistently grade potatoes according to size then halve any that are larger than the predetermined size.
Dewulf MH 242 Efficient Logistics
MH 242 Efficient Logistics receiving hopper
С приемным бункером MH 242 Efficient Logistics вы значительно улучшаете эффективность своей системы хранения и полезности прицепов. Функция буфера обеспечивает постоянный выход этой комбинации приемного бункера.
Dewulf ME 80 cm wide elevator conveyor
ME 80 cm wide elevator conveyor
Kонвейерный элеватор Miedema производительностью более 160 тонн/час отлично подходят для наполнения вашего хранилища. Эти элеваторы также можно использовать для транспортировки отходов из приемного бункера.