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TIP: Sponsorship or Premium Listing?

This is really a matter of budget and objective. They are two vastly different products, something that is also reflected in their pricepoint.

A premium listing provides you with an extra listing at the top of the directory categories that are important for you.

A sponsorship on the other hand is a product providing you with ads on the website with extensive and flexible targeting options (region, topic, language) as well as in the Newsletters as well as insights in how your content on PotatoPro is accessed.

If you are looking for a price point that is somewhere in between the premium listing, talk to us and maybe we can design you a custom package

TIP: Silver Gold or Platinum?

All Sponsorships give you access to the same features, but there differ in:

  • How often your BigBox ads are shown
  • Where you rank, wherever there is a ranking

Frequency BigBox ads

Our BigBox ads have high visibility, are very flexible and have extensive opportunities for targeting. When you move up from Silver to Gold, you get TWO times as much BigBox ads. If you move up to Platinum, you get THREE times the number of BigBox ads.


Wherever a ranking is applicable, Platinum Sponsors are shown first, followed by Gold Sponsors, than Silver Sponsors. The secondary ranking parameters is the date the package was ordered (so book early!).

This can for example be seen on the All Companies page, but it is applied on many places (e.g. sponsorbox, products event participation, newsletter ads etc.)

Finally, consider the specific pages and the position(s) you are aiming for. Are there many other sponsors or not? Keep in mind that Silver and Gold Sponsors can lose position to new or upgrading advertisers with a more premium sponsorship. Platinum Sponsorships on the other hand will never go down in ranking

TIP: Sponsorship or Event Promotion Package?

We offer Sponsorships for a full year, so they provide you with year-round exposure.

Event promotions on the other hand, typically run for 10 weeks or shorter

If you have a decent budget, you may also want to combine a sponsorship with an Event Promotion