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Kellogg Company to build new Pringles Plant in Malaysia

Kellogg Company to build new Pringles Plant in Malaysia

January 17, 2014
Kellogg Company has announced that it will build a new Pringles snacks manufacturing facility in Malaysia, as part of its recently announced Project K four-year efficiency and effectiveness program

Malaysia's savory snack industry sees rapid growth

August 11, 2011
Malaysia's traditional snack industry is growing rapidly with the sales figure hitting RM200 million (66 Million USD) last year. While consumers have ample choice when comes to local snacks, crispy chips made of tapioca, banana, sweet potato and onion...
Gain report: Foodservice Malaysia

Gain report: Foodservice Malaysia

March 06, 2008
Malaysia is one of the more affluent nations in Asia with a GDP per-capita of about US$6,450 in 2006. Malaysia’s economy grew by 5.9%, compared to 4.2% growth in 2002. Most economic commentators forecast Malaysia’s economy to grow by about 5.7% in 2007...


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