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Potatoes South Australia turns uglie tatties in

Potatoes South Australia turns ugly taters into premium products

October 04, 2018
Potatoes South Australia is searching and finding new applications for potato waste
Potatoes South Australia to develop vodka from waste potato peel

Potatoes South Australia to develop vodka from waste potato peel

September 21, 2017
In an effort to combat food waste, Potatoes South Australia has teamed up with the University of Adelaide and Adelaide Hills Distillery to make vodka from potato skins.
Mashed potato dish prepared from RTE mash (Mestari, Finland)

Australian Research: Producing Premium Potato Products from waste potatoes

July 20, 2015
The South Australian Potato Industry has received funding of $100,000 to enable a project to add value to potatoes which are graded-out due to size or shape and do not meet supermarket specifications.

Potato Salad may cut cancer risk red meat

June 14, 2010
Scientists from Adelaide’s Flinders University found that the starch contained in cold, cooked potatoes would reduce the cancer risk associated with eating red meat, with increasing evidence available that a diet high in red meat can increase a person’...
Simplot Australia

Simplot Australia enters ready meals market through arrangement with Nestlé

October 28, 2009
Simplot Australia announced today it is to enter the Australasian ready meals market through a combined license and acquisition arrangement with Nestlé Australia. Simplot Australia will licence the leading frozen meals brand Lean Cuisine and Maggi fr...

Drinking spuds in their special year

October 08, 2008
Australia can now officially toast International Year of the Potato.A New South Wales winery best known for its fruit creations has just released the country's only commercial potato vodka.The potatoes used to make the vodka are sebago and harvested on...


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