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Solynta's trial fields in South Africa

Solynta and Regenz partner to bring hybrid potato seed to South Africa

November 01, 2022
South African seed potato producer RegenZ and European hybrid potato seed innovator Solynta announced a partnership to bring hybrid true potatoes to the South African farming community.
Wesgrow Potato growing operation in South Africa. (Courtesy: Wesgrow Seed Potatoes / Facebook)

Potato supplier HZPC and its distributor Wesgrow Seed Potatoes are charged by the South African Competition Commission

April 10, 2017
South Africa’s competition watchdog (Competition Commission South Africa) has charged the Dutch seed potato breeder HZPC Holland B.V. and its exclusive South African distributor Wesgrow Potatoes for anti-competitve conduct for the exclusive supply of the variety Mondial.

South African Government rejects genetically modified potato

October 20, 2009
The South African government has rejected the Agriculture Research Council’s (ARC’s) application to provide genetically modified potatoes to local farmers, saying it was concerned about its safety and economic effect. “This is probably the mo...

Tuber Moth resistant GM potato of no use for South Africa

September 11, 2008
A pest-resistant strain of genetically modified potato, earmarked for possible commercial release in South Africa, will be of no use to local spud farmers, said the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) this week. It will also increase risk to the farmer ...


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