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Keeping within CIPC residue limits despite challenging start

December 13, 2011
As timings of next CIPC applications come to the top of the agenda for store management, growers are advised not to lose sight of the importance of using the sprout suppressant CIPC correctly so levels remain within strict residue limits.

Nieuw kiemremmingsmiddel 1,4Sight (1,4-Dimethylnaphthaleen)

December 02, 2011
Het middel 1,4Sight (1,4-Dimethylnaphthaleen) verlengt de kiemrust van aardappelen zodanig dat bijvoorbeeld ook Innovators tot juni-juli kiemvrij te bewaren zijn. Dat claimt althans BASF. Met het gebruik van huidige middelen wordt dit kiemlustige aarda...
Mike Storey

No room for complacency on CIPC levels

November 16, 2011
Three years after the formation of a stewardship group and introduction of a CIPC use code of best practice, maximum residue level (MRL) exceedances of sprout suppressant CIPC (chlorpropham) in stored potatoes are rare, but there is no room for complac...
Nora Olsen

Nora Olsen unearths potato mysteries

September 29, 2011
Because of the research she does on many different issues important to the potato industry, University of Idaho potato specialist Nora Olsen is a rising star. Her work on a new inhibitor that prevents potatoes from sprouting while in storage is the la...

CIPC Stewardship gains recognition

January 10, 2011
The UK potato industry has received recognition for the work of the CIPC (chlorpropham) Stewardship Group, as winners of ’Best Stewardship programme’ category at this year’s Agrow Awards.
Fruit Logistica Innovation award 2011

BIOX-M kiemremmer voor aardappelen genomineerd voor Fruit Logistica Innovation Award

December 17, 2010
Tijdens de komende editie van Fruit Logistica zal een Innovation Award uitreiken worden voor de beste innovatie van het afgelopen jaar.
Mantis ULV spraying systems

Mantis shows improved MAFEX sprayers to treat potatoes with sprout inhibitors/fungicides

September 09, 2010
At the Potato Europe exhibition on 8 and 9 September (Stand C06 Z) Mantis exhibits a new version of the MAFEX devices for the treatment of potatoes with germination inhibitors, fungicides and seed dressings.

SmartBlock, a new sprout inhibitor for potatoes announced by Amvac Chemical Corporation

June 17, 2010
American Vanguard Corp. (NYSE:AVD) and its subsidiary Amvac Chemical Corporation today announced plans to introduce a new crop protection product that inhibits the growth of sprouts on potatoes.
Dirk Garos receives award for Restrain Ethylene generator

Restrain Ethylene generator wins Potato Europe 2009 innovation award

September 08, 2009
The PotatoEurope 2009 Innovation Award was handed out this evening to the company Restrain Company Ltd for its Restrain Generator.
Pootaardappelen bewaren met Talent: met Talent behandelde Innovator (Agrifirm)

Talent (carvon) houdt kiemontwikkeling pootaardappelen onder controle

March 30, 2009
Door pootaardappelen de hele winter elke dag met een snufje Talent (carvon) te behandelen, komen alle kiemogen op de knollen los, maar de kiemontwikkeling blijft keurig onder controle.


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