Wyma Rotary Filter

Wyma Rotary Filter

Wyma Rotary Filter

Reduces Freshwater Consumption

This technology reduces freshwater consumption in vegetable washing and food processing industrial use by up to 95% depending on application

Filtration Process

The filtration process is done using a rotary drum where influent flows into the centre of the drum and passes through a perforated drum screen to capture the organic matter and other debris. The filtered material is augured out of the machine to waste, while the filtered water is discharged or captured in a purpose-built tank for reuse.

Capacities and Filtration Aperture Sizes

Capacities range from 20 to 300 l/s or 72 to 1,000 m3/hr (300 to 4,500 US gal/min). Filtration aperture sizes range from 0.5 to 6 mm (0.02 to 0.24 inches).

Optional Tank and Pump Options

If you choose to use an optional tank, submersible or external pumps can be fitted to pump recycled water back to your process line for reuse, and the cycle repeats. Additional pump options are also available:

  • For filter screen rinsing to prevent filter blocking 
  • For cascading excess water to other parts of your processing line 
  • To prevent solids building up in the tank, minimising tank cleaning time


  • Removes water from waste which reduces bulk and weight of waste, lowering waste disposal costs. 
  • Flip-up door to give easy access to drum and internal structure for cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Chain-driven drum for maximum drive in wet conditions. 
  • Spray bar sprays water through the drum to dislodge waste and prevent build up that may clog the holes. 
  • Alternative spray bar position means you can choose which side the spray bar in on, depending on your site.
  • Second spray bar position* – each spray bar can be set up to spray separate halves of the drum. You can set the spray intensity separately, depending on how clogged each half gets. This may reduce water usage. 
  • Customisable spray nozzles to choose size, spraying angle and intensity to suit your needs. Easy maintenance. 
  • Built-in water catchment tray collects waste water for reuse. 
  • Flights carry waste to the outfeed.

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Wyma Rotary Filter