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Wyma Rotary Screen Filter

Wyma's Rotary Screen Filter is compact and cost-effective. It is a first-stage water treatment solution that removes vegetable matter and debris from water so it can be reused.

Dirty water is fed into a rotating drum via an infeed pipe or flume.

The drum is made from wedge wire screen (aperture 0.2 - 2mm) to allow water to pass through. Water is collected underneath the rotating screen in a catchment tray or tank.

Debris stays on the screen and is carried to the waste chute via flights fitted inside the drum.

An internal cleaning bar sprays water on the outside of the drum to dislodge waste and prevent it from clogging the screen.


  • Filters water to allow it to be reused
  • Removes water from waste
  • Reduces bulk and weight of waste, lowering waste disposal costs
  • Built-in water catchment tray collects waste water for reuse
  • Screen cleaning brushes help dislodge waste
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 Filters waterAllows water to be reused.
 Removes water from waste.Reduces bulk and weight of waste, lowering waste disposal costs.
AFlip-up doorEasy access to drum and internal structure for cleaning and maintenance.
BChain-driven drumMaximum drive in wet conditions.
CSpray barSprays water through the drum to dislodge waste and prevent build up that may clog the holes.
DAlternative spray bar positionYou can choose which side the spray bar in on, depending on your site.
DSecond spray bar position*Each spray bar can be set up to spray separate halves of the drum. You can set the spray intensity separately, depending on how clogged each half gets. This may reduce water usage.
 Customisable spray nozzlesChoose size, spraying angle and intensity to suit your needs. Easy maintenance.
EBuilt-in water catchment trayCollects waste water for reuse.
FFlightsCarrys waste to the outfeed.
GScreen cleaning brushes*Help dislodge waste (perforated drum only).
HWaster tank with pump*Collects filtered water and pumps it away for reuse.
IGuide rollersHelp keep the drum in position.
 Centralised greasing of rollers*Easy maintenance.

* Optional