Sula Plus LLC

The company Sula Plus LLC is involved in the high-technological production of fresh ware and technological potatoes in the Minsk region in the Republic of Belarus.

Our container Storage for Ware Potatoes and Seeds provides maneuverability, storage of various cultivars and reproductions in the same premises. We also offer delivery of tubers for warming up and marketable preparation, shipment by fraction to the storage facility and back after selection and calibration all through a High level of mechanical operations.

We produce cultivars exclusively designed for washing and storage. This is one of the reasons of our guarantees of high quality of our potatoes for sales.

        High technological computer registration while in storage allows us to trace potatoes in the warehouse by varieties, caliber and other parameters, to input potatoes in time for the packing line.  This allows creation of the shipment schedule of the commodity with the customers within the plan order.

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Above all, Sula Plus LLC is a manufacturer, producer and exporter, specializing in Potato Fakes in the Republic of Belarus.

We possess our own potato fields, run the production on the brand-new, modern and high-tech equipment, and, above all, have got qualified personnel and effective management.

Nevertheless our industrial facility is fresh and lacks experience in comparison with other competitors, Sula Plus LLC has already achieved their aims and manufactured a wide range of products of a decent quality and exported them worldwide. Sula Plus LLC is a consumer-focused entity creating a long-term value for its customers through a broad spectrum of solutions – customer oriented products.

       Apart from this, we have successfully passed GFSI recognized certification, such as FSSC 22 000 certification scheme, which confirms operability of our Food Safety Management System, as well as we gained certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we are certified to produce Kosher and Halal products, which make us unique in the production of Potato Flakes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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Sula Plus LLC
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