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Comparison of the listing and promotional packages

Features Free Listing Premium Listing Sponsorships Event Promotion Package
Listing in the company directory Y Y Y Y
Highlighted listing  N Y Most Prominent N
Highlighted event participation N N Y N
List your products N one product unlimited products N
Website Advertising
BigBox Ad (unlimited ad versions that can be refreshed monthly, targeting by topic, language and geographical location) N N Y N
Ability to SUPERSIZE your big box ad (additional fee applies) N N Y N
Leaderboard Ad N N N Y
Sponsorbox inclusion N N Y N
Newsletter Advertising
Newsletter button Ad N N Y N
Full banner Ad N N N Y
Dedicated Newsletter to all PotatoPro Subscribers N N N Y
Management  and Reporting Tools
Access to your Company Backroom Y Y Y Y
Analytics Website Ads N N Y Y
Analytics of your content  N N Y N
Pricing and link to additional  information
Pricing Free USD 450 per year Starting at USD 5000 per year USD 2500 per package
More information and ordering Show me Show me Show me Show me
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