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Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd

Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd. is a potato variety marketing company introducing new Agrico potato varieties to Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

While Parkland still sells the standard North American varieties, such as Russet Burbank, Shepody and Atlantic, Parkland is trying to find superior varieties that will be more cost effective to produce, either with greater yields or reduced input costs. These naturally bred varieties are selected based on maturity, storage, and resistance to diseases. Often, a variety may fill more than one market category, giving added flexibility to the grower.

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Parkland Potato Varieties

The majority of Parkland’s new varieties are bred in Europe, many from Agrico Research. Parkland and Agrico have worked together since 1997. Since joining forces, Parkland and Agrico have introduced many successful varieties into North America. Parkland fosters that same spirit of collaboration with its customers as well. In the past year, Parkland updated its logo and mission statement to better reflect its “business to business” market approach. The long term relationships Parkland has with its customers is evidence of the commitment to providing quality, variety and service excellence.

As part of an extensive international network of subsidiaries and partners, Parkland Seed is proud to represent Agrico potatoes in North America.
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Parkland Seed Potatoes Ltd
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