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Variety Name: RosagoldRights Holder | BreederAGRICO RESEARCH BVCountry of OriginNetherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction2010ParentageLAURA x MIRIAM
Rosagold is an attractive, red-skinned table potato with excellent skin finish and good resistance to common scab and virus. This high-yielding, yellow-fleshed variety produces plenty of round-oval tubers of uniform shape and is well-suited for use as either a table variety or home-cut fries.

  • Tuber Shape: Round
  • Uniform of Shape: Uniform
  • Eye Depth: Shallow
  • Skin Color: Red
  • Flesh Color: Yellow
  • Dry matter percent: 20.2

  • Dormancy: Long
  • Tuber Number: Very High Setting
  • Resistance to Damage: Good Resistance
  • Resistance to Bruising: Moderate Resistance
  • Flower Colour: Light Purple

Disease Resistance

  • Late Blight (Foliage blight): Moderate Resistance
  • Common Scab: Moderate Resistance
  • Virus PVY: Good Resistance
  • Tuber Blight: Moderate Resistance
  • PCN - Ro1 & Ro4: Resistant
  • PCN - Pallida: Susceptible
  • Blackleg: Moderate Resistance
  • Virus Yntn: Very Good Resistance