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Photovolt Instruments

Solapas principales

Photovolt Instruments offers high-quality moisture and reflectance solutions. The company supports different companies in achieving consistent and accurate product measurements.

Photovolt Instruments was founded on December 26th, 1939, in New York, NY. The enterprise was located at 1115 Broadway, in the heart of Manhattan.

At the time, Photovolt's main instruments were pH meters, colorimeters, and polarimeters. Although the company's name has changed, the essential ideals of accuracy, reliability, and convenience have stayed constant. 

In 2001, Nicholas Jermihov, an experienced electrical engineer with a strong engineering background, established Photovolt Instruments. Jermihov moved Photovolt to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the company is still headquartered today.

Photovolt Equipment has been an international supplier of high-quality laboratory equipment for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, chemical, aerospace, transportation, food and beverage, and cosmetic industries. The devices are used to detect moisture and material appearance.

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