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Photovolt Instruments

Company Description
Photovolt Instruments, LLC is a leading manufacturer of quality, scientific instruments. Photovolt’s 577 & 580-PC Digital Reflectance Meters are easy to use, reliable and provide very precise and consistent color measurements. Photovolt meters ensure your products have the highest quality possible. The 577-PC and 580-PC are able to take readings with the click of a button. The data can be stored in the unit and/ or sent to a PC or mobile device.

The 580-PC, a spin-off of our traditional 577-PC, has recently gained the spotlight in the potato industry. The 580-PC is a specialized instrument that has a dual readout screen which allows the operator to view the reflectance and USDA Munsell Fry Chart number. The 580-PC is also able to measure macerated chips, fries (slabs, discs multiple sizes, customizable aperture size) and other snack products.

Our instruments are used in a wide range of environments from universities, to research plants. The instruments work equally well in a 24/7 setting, from hot frying operations to cold storage research.

We are proud in serving our customers with quick and easy access to technical support or service questions.
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6323 Cambridge St.
Minneapolis, MN 55416
United States
+1 (952) 926-5498
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