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Photovolt - 577 (5G) Stainless Steel Reflectance instrument

Photovolt's American-made model 577 (5G) stainless steel unit is the newest addition to our line of colorimeters. The 5G stainless steel unit is designed to simplify the determination of appearance characteristics. This portable, accurate instrument is easy to operate, and set in just minutes, and provides you with unparalleled flexibility.

You have the ability to read reflectance directly from a sample by using any one of Photovolt's standard search units. With the 5G it becomes easy to measure color, opacity, hiding power, brightness, and reflectance.

This new stainless steel 577 (5G) unit is capable of measuring potato slabs, macerated chips, fried potatoes, and French fries.

Color filters ensure measurements precisely mimic the color responses of the human eye.