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Potato Bruising

Laboratory Equipment

Pulsemaster Solidus - for Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Research & Development
Pulsemaster manufactures a range of PEF systems for research and development, tailored to suit specific research needs. This Pulsemaster Solidus PEF pilot-scale batch unit can treat solids and liquids for research and development purposes.
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Pulsemaster Membrana
PEF specialist Pulsemaster offers a conductivity measurement device to both the food and beverage industry, as well as the scientific sector. This unit is instrumental in the quantification of a pulsed electric field treatment on e.g. potato tissue.
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Photovolt 580-PC reflectance meter
Photovolt's American-made Model 577 is available in three variations: 577PC, 577PC-S, and 577A. These reflectometers are designed to simplify the determination of appearance characteristics, more specifically, they measure color, opacity, hiding power, brightness and tristimulus reflectances.
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Potato Sizing Squares
17 stainless steel measuring squares; 5mm intervals (20-90mm) plus 42mm (salad)
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Weight in Water Digital Balance
The best and most convenient way to measure dry matter content of your potatoes.
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Single Tank Fryer
Catering quality, stainless steel, with accurate temperature and timing controls
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Zeal Potato Hydrometer
Used extensively throughout the potato industry by producers of foods such as crisps, French fries, potato wedges and canned, frozen and powdered potato products. This is a simple and accurate method of measuring the solid content or percentage dry matter of potatoes.
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Potato Hot Box
The Potato Hot Box is an economic bruise testing device that assists with crop assessment on-farm before the potatoes go into store or for processing
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TuberLog Electronic Potato
The TuberLog is a powerful tool to identify sources of damage and bruising in all types of potato handling machinery
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Potato Dry Matter Field Kit
This portable unit is specifically designed for use in the field and provides information on dry matter distribution
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