Martin Lishman - Zeal Manual Hydrometer

Zeal Potato hydrometer

Zeal Potato hydrometer

Martin Lishman - Zeal Manual Hydrometer is a traditional industry tool for fast intake sampling and measurement of dry matter and specific gravity (density).
Used extensively throughout the potato industry by producers of foods such as crisps, french fries, potato wedges and canned, frozen and powdered potato products.

This is a simple and accurate method of measuring the solid content or percentage dry matter of potatoes. The method of use involves placing a known weight of potatoes in the basket and suspending the hydrometer and potatoes in a large container of clean water.

The buoyancy of the unit in water determines the water level against the vertical scale and hence gives the dry matter reading.

Key Features:

  • Simple and quick to use - static unit, uses a large water container (c.175 litre/45 gallon)
  • Accurate - easy calibration (weight supplied); uses precisely-weighed potato sample
  • 3 models - to suit dry matters from 14 to 27% (1.055 to 1.114 g/ml specific gravity

Stem with dry matter % and specific gravity (density) scales, flotation ball and hook, numbered basket, stainless steel calibration weight.

  • Standard unit D4500 (Product Code: POT/HYDROMETER)
  • Range: 17.0 - 25% dry matter; 1.065 - 1.110 g/ml specific gravity (density)
  • Specialist unit D4501 (Product Code: POT/HYDROMETER4501)
  • Range: 14.0 - 23% dry matter; 1.055 - 1.095 g/ml specific gravity (density)
  • Specialist unit D4502 (Product Code: POT/HYDROMETER4502)
  • Range: 18.0 - 27% dry matter; 1.070 - 1.114 g/ml specific gravity (density)
  • Water container: min. 356mm dia. X 660mm deep; 175 litre/45 gallon; clean metal or plastic. Hydrometer must float freely.
  • Water: Clean water; c.15°C/60°F
  • Shipping: Packed in cardboard box for user self-assembly; 45 x 34 x 28cm; 2.13Kg