Martin Lishman - Potato Dry Matter Field Kit

Martin Lishman - Potato Dry Matter Field Kit

Potato Dry Matter Field Kit

  • Tests individual tubers for dry matter
  • An alternative to the potato hydrometer, avoids the need for a 45gal drum of water
  • Ideal for measuring dry matter quickly, simply and accurately in the field
The Easi-Read Dry Matter Kit is calibrated against a range of tubers using the ‘Single Tuber Suspension Method’. Using a simple chart, Easi-Read gives an accurate dry matter content of the sample. Using the kit demonstrates the high dry matter variability that can occur within samples. This relates to many Quality Control procedures where individual potatoes, not average bulks, are laboratory tested. The kit works by taking a core from a pre-cut flat tuber surface. This is then trimmed and weighed to 0.1g resolution on a very accurate balance. The resulting weight per ml is converted to percentage dry matter using a unique calibration chart. Results can be compared with the Potato Hydrometer bulk average method by taking up to ten readings and averaging them.

The kit is supplied in a sturdy carry case and contains all the necessary equipment for testing, including scales, corer, penknife, filter papers and calibration chart. The scales are high accuracy, measuring to 0.1g with +/- 0.2g accuracy. Available with standard ware and salad variety size corers

The field kit can test the dry matter in salad potato varieties. These are frequently too narrow for the kit’s standard corer and the dry matter calibrations for ware varieties don’t apply to the smaller potatoes. The solution is a much narrower corer and a special dry matter calibration that works for the salad varieties

Available with standard ware and salad variety size corer

Weight in Water Digital Balance

Martin-Lishman - Weight in Water Digital Balance

Martin Lishman Ltd.

The best and most convenient way to measure dry matter content of your potatoes.

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Martin Lishman - Zeal Potato Hydrometer

Martin Lishman - Zeal Potato Hydrometer

Martin Lishman Ltd.

Used extensively throughout the potato industry by producers of foods such as potato chips (crisps) and other potato products. It is a simple and accurate method of measuring the solid content or percentage dry matter of potatoes.

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USDA french fry color card

USDA french fry color card

Martin Lishman Ltd.

The standard colour card that is used world wide for the evaluation of french fries is the USDA french fry colour card

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