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Martin Lishman - Potato Hot Box

The Martin Lishman Potato Hot Box range is used for on-farm, processing and supermarket quality control.
Monitoring for bruising and disease avoids costly rejections and ensures high quality product.

The Hot Box reduces bruise development time from several days to just 12 hours. Faster monitoring for bruising and disease avoids costly rejections and assists in the drive for the highest quality product.

How does the Potato Hot Box work?

  • Faster bruise development– the biochemical reaction which causes a colour change when potatoes are bruised can take several days to appear in cool dry conditions. The Hot Box speeds up the reaction by creating the optimum warm, damp conditions for bruise development to occur more quickly. Optimum bruise development is at 30°C and 97% RH for 12 hours.
  • Testing protocol– samples should be peel tested for bruises as soon as they are removed from the Hot Box. Testing should ideally take place on a tray full of tubers taken regularly from the harvester or grader line. If readings are high, samples should be taken at more locations to try to pinpoint the causes. This can be carried out in combination with our TuberLog electronic potato

A VERSATILE Quality Control Tool

Potato bruising can take several days to show. The Potato Hot Box reduces this time to 12 hours by creating the optimum warm, damp conditions for bruise development. The specific temperature and humidity at which rots and diseases occur can also be re-created.

The Potato Hot Box can help to avoid bruising during harvesting and handling, especially when used in conjunction with the TuberLog electronic potato, by highlighting the crops most at risk from harvesting and grading damage.

Earlier detection of bruising, damage and disease means reducing storage losses and costly processing rejections. The value of the crop can be maintained, extra transport costs avoided and consumer confidence sustained.

Key Features

  • Automatic control of temperature and humidity levels with timer to allow infinite variation of testing regimes at up to 97% RH, 40°C and 999 hours
  • Ultrasonic atomizing humidifier keeps humidity levels at an accuracy of 1-3%, helping to create the optimum warm, damp conditions for bruise or disease development
  • Wire tray baskets accept 25 tubers in a single layer to suit sampling protocols, spaced to allow air circulation for rapid bruise development

The Potato Hot Box is available in 3 standard versions:

  • 5 tray (125 tubers);
  • 10 tray (250 tubers);
  • 30 tray (750 tubers). The 750 has a wheeled trolley base.
All sizes are also available in 120v versions


Supermarkets wishing to achieve longer shelf life for produce can use the Hot Box to re-create the conditions in the fresh produce areas of the shop.

Discovering the delay between arrival and deterioration can determine the optimum shelf life or the best conditions to extend shelf life for produce including, not only potatoes, but avocadoes, tomatoes, peaches and other fruit and vegetables.

Use of the Potato Hotbox

Typical use cases for the potato hotbox:
  • 12 HOUR Assessment of Potato BRUISING
  • Incubate DISEASE and ROTS before STORAGE (Decide: Store or Process?)
  • RESEARCH best conditions for longer SHELF LIFE
Hotbox SizeProduct CodeTuber capacityTraysDimensions
Hotbox 125POT/HB/125125589w x 70d x 72h45kg
Hotbox 250POT/HB/2502501089w x 70d x 120h76kg
Hotbox 750POT/HB/75075030153w x 70d x 176h160kg

Furthur Details:

  • Strong, insulated uPVC casing
  • Sealed door and wipe-clean surfaces
  • Plastic covered wire tray baskets to suit c.25 standard ware tubers spaced to allow free air flow around each one
  • Water tray with free-standing atomizing humidifier
  • Automatic air circulating fan, air heater, thermostat and timer
  • Controller with key pad for humidity, temperature and time settings


Our Hot Boxes are packed for export sales in a wooden crate. Packed sizes and weights are as follows:

  • POT/HB/125: 102cm wide x 76cm deep x 95cm high; 75Kg
  • POT/HB/250: 105cm wide x 82cm deep x 158cm high; 95Kg
  • POT/HB/750: 152cm wide x 75cm deep x 190cm high; 290Kg

  • Technical Specifications
    TimerStart delay timerOperating humidity rangeWater tray capacityOperating temperature rangePower
    0 to 999 hours0 to 99 hours0 - 97% RH9 litres0 - 64°C (°F setting available)230V

    Option: Plug to suit power supply in country of use