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Martin Lishman - Potato Hot Box
Potato Hot Box
The Potato Hot Box is an economic bruise testing device that assists with crop assessment on-farm before the potatoes go into store or for processing
CropVision Gewis
CropVision Gewis
CropVision Gewis can be connected to the weather station of the Belgian grower. The advisory program indicates the best spraying moment for each product, in order to achieve the highest possible results of spraying.
Belgapom WatchITgrow
WatchITgrow aims to contribute to improved crop monitoring, in view of increasing yields in a sustainable way, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Potato Handbook (English version)
Potato Handbook (English version)
This book on potatoes in clear language, complete (588 pages) and up-to-date (2018) is written by renowned potato scientist Anton Haverkort. It makes you an instant expert on all aspects of potato cultivation, potato storage and much more...
The result of application of Growthful on potato variety Russet Burbank in the United States
Growthful™ is a liquid auxiliary soil substance that can help you as a potato farmer to grow bigger crops faster, which means getting to the market earlier than your competition.
AgroScout Crop Scouting Package (Drone + Software)
Crop Scouting Package (Drone + Software)
AgroScout now offers a complete Crop Scouting Package (Drone + Cloudbased Software).
 ANUFOOD India 2023
Amazone Amatrone 4
AmaTron 4
Amazone has introduced the AmaTron 4, an innovative and completely new, in-house developed tablet style ISOBUS terminal.
Bluefield Seed Sensing Technology
Seed Sensing Technology
This new Seed Sensing Technology utilizes the existing Potato Press Wheel system, but features enhanced wheels that have the ability to sense the contact with each seed piece while they are being locked


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