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Potato Handbook (English version)

This book on potatoes is complete (588 pages), up-to-date (2018) and clearly written by renowned potato scientist Anton Haverkort. It makes you an instant expert on all aspects of potato cultivation, potato storage and much more...

The book is richly illustrated with over a thousand photos and many hundreds of diagrams and graphs.

The Potato Handbook comprises a total of five fully elaborated chapters divided into clear paragraphs and is provided with an index.

Published as recent as 2018, the Potato Handbook is filled with the latest insights and state of knowledge on the potato sector.


  • Crop of the future
    • Developments to date
    • Developments from now on
  • Reading Guide / The crop formula

  • Society (Chapter 1)
    • Society food aspects
    • Society and the potato value chain
  • Plant (Chapter 2)
    • Plant growth and reproduction
    • Ecology: effects of biotic and abiotic conditions
  • Propagation material (Chapter 3)
    • Seed material: variety aspects
    • Seed material: tuber traits
  • Environment (Chapter 4)
    • Environment, weather aspects
    • Environment, soil aspects
  • Cultivation (Chapter 5)
    • Cultivation, hardware aspects
    • Cultivation, organizational aspects