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     Urschel Valparaiso
    Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A., the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and selling of high capacity food cutting equipment, has out-grown its existing 250,000-plus square foot global manufacturing headquarters in Valparaiso, Indiana (above), and plans on constructing a brand new 350,000-plus square foot state-of-the-art facility in the neighboring area of Chesterton, Indiana. The purchase of approximately 160 acres will allow for future growth of the company.

    The company has been at its present location since 1958. It has experienced tremendous growth over the years, and has expanded the facility over 28 times to equal its current size. The area surrounding the manufacturing plant has also continued to grow leaving the facility landlocked, so Urschel needed to look into construction options.

    "Our employees and providing the best service to our customers were both kept in mind when deciding on a new location,"according to Bob Urschel, President/CEO of Urschel.

    The company is expected to break ground at the new location in the spring of 2013 with construction completion slated for sometime in 2015.

    Founded in 1910, Urschel Laboratories, Inc. is an engineering-driven company that continues to partner with food processors worldwide to discover the best food cutting advances.