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BOLD Robotics acquires rights to Posie Packer products

BOLD Robotics acquires rights to Posie Packer products

John Vandergrift of Posie Packer Corp, is pleased to announce that BOLD Robotic Solutions of Ontario, has acquired all rights to the top two products that Posie Packer developed and marketed successfully – the Bouquet Organizer/Power Cutter and the Produce Bag/Sleeve Label Applicator.

Bill VandenOever of BOLD:
"This acquisition is a unique chance for us to expand into another sector of the floral industry. Our current products, such as the Potted Plant Packaging Cell or the Pot Cover UPC Applicator focus on potted plants and reducing the labour content to get a potted product to market at the lowest cost per unit."
Posie Packer's proven products focus on processing fresh cut flowers and bouquets - reducing the labour content, he said. This will allow the company to address multiple segments of the floral industry – potted plants and cut flowers.

Bill VandenOever of BOLD:
"This acquisition also fits with our plans to expand into the international market, beyond the Canadian portion of the industry. Reliable and cost-effective machinery, which can reduce labour costs per unit of production, is a worldwide issue. Posie Packer has had over 35 years of experience in these markets and will be a valuable resource going forward."
John Vandergrift stated that he is pleased to have found a Canadian company so close to him, that has the capability to take over these two popular products which he developed and sold.

John Vandergrift:
"This continuity is vital to past customers who trusted me to purchase Canadian floral processing equipment. Although the European floral market and the North American floral market appear similar, there are characteristics which make each distinct."

"It is very gratifying to me to have this tradition continue under the auspices of Bill, Willem, and BOLD Robotic Solutions. I will be working closely with BOLD and their staff during this transition."