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New BühlerVision Remote Service Solution Sets New Industry Standard for Manufacturing Efficiency

Technician evaluating equipment using BühlerVision

Remote monitoring and real-time support have the ability to transform the manufacturing industry, by driving cost benefits and setting new standards of efficiency. And in today’s restricted travel climate, remote support is increasingly essential to optimizing processing, extending uptime, and eliminating losses from downtime, one of the greatest threats to profitability.

The all-new BühlerVision provides advanced remote service and maintenance, powered by the latest smart glass technology and augmented reality software. Customers are connected to Bühler experts remotely, which significantly speeds up reaction time, reduces travel time and the costs and safety risks associated with on-site service visits.

In early 2020, Ardent Mills, a leading flour supplier and grain innovator in North America, commissioned a number of new Bühler machines utilizing BühlerVision technology. At that time, COVID-19 brought lock-downs and quarantines that restricted travel and visitors, and employee safety was paramount.

Scott Roush, director of technical milling at Ardent Mills:
"Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to utilize the BühlerVision system to remotely troubleshoot with Bühler technicians, as well as give virtual plant tours."

"Safety is a core value that we use to make every decision, and this technology allowed us to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure even further for our employees, and Bühler employees, while keeping our equipment running efficiently. We look forward to seeing what other doors this technology can open for us."
BühlerVision features

BühlerVision features

With BühlerVision’s remote assistance, a remote service specialist can see what the person on-site is seeing, and as a result provide instant, targeted feedback and instructions using video, audio, text, markers and document sharing.

While getting the needed support, the on-site user is able to work completely hands free and accomplish the recommended tasks, resolving the issues. Assistance can be quickly deployed on premises or in the cloud. Needing only an internet connection, no further software or hardware is required.

Richard Swords, Bühler Support Technician:
"In the past, when a machine has required assistance, we’ve used other kinds of technology, such as phone, e-mail and video-conferencing to resolve issues and help our customers get back online."

"Now with BühlerVision, we are able to serve customers much faster. It really puts us right there with the customer to troubleshoot the machine and provide the immediate support."
BühlerVision puts users in touch with Bühler specialists around the world, as well as similarly equipped colleagues, providing a platform for sharing best practices and techniques between multiple facilities. Using the new remote service solution for installations, commissionings, and machine repair, Bühler’s support specialists are able to help customers every step of the way.