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Allround Potato recieving & distribution for peeling and french fries line

Allround Potato recieving & distribution for peeling and french fries line

Diciembre 12, 2022

Allround (India) Vegetable Processing Machines Pvt. Ltd., is a Dutch-Indian engineering company will showcase their products on at World Mithai Namkeen Convention on 19-21 December in Chandigarh, India.

They are specializing in the field of designing and manufacturing machinery and equipment for receiving, washing, polishing, grading, onion topping, weighing and packing machines, automatic retail weighing and packing machines, and storage solutions for carrots, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables.

Allround operates manufacturing facilities in Holland and India with a team of over 150 employees. The company has a dealer network and clientele in over 65 countries, covering a range of different agro-climatic conditions as well as different economic levels.

Allround will show their Destoner and Storage hopper at the World Mithai Namkeen Convention.

Allround VP K25


Product List


Allround Receiving Hopper

The Allround Receiving Hopper is designed to feed or act as a buffer in loading and unloading lines or processing lines. The hopper is designed in such a way that it can be fed by tip trailers, box tippers, and big bags. Because of the angle of the machine, the flow of the product will always be even. Furthermore, a frequency inverter is fitted to the machine, to make sure the flow of the product is always adjustable.

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Allround Receiving Hopper ARH 160-500


Allround Destoner machine

Destoner to take out the stones from products used commonly in Potato chips, French fries, starch, and bhujia line. After the product is dropped into the machine, the produce floats to a (product) belt. While the produce floats, stones and dirt sink to another (waste) belt at the bottom.

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Allround Potato Destoner machine D-110


Allround Wet hopper

Allround Wet hopper, previously called Jacuzzi, is used as a pre-cleaning device. The product falls into the water, where the sticky soil makes it heavier. With air coming from the underside of the machine, bubbles are created, which have a cleaning effect. Because of the reduced weight, the product comes up and is taken out by a web belt.
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Allround Wet hopper J 2T


Allround Vegetable washing machines

Washing Machines are built to work with a water basin. In this water basin, the Water used in the commercial vegetable washer is recirculated to be used again. The washing drum of the machine is designed to agitate produce in the machine. In combination with water, this process gives an optimal cleaning result for potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, and other vegetables
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Allround Potato washer U-300


Allround Polisher

Allround Polishers are designed to polish produce. This process is commonly used by companies that want to give their products a ‘premium’ look and feel. Furthermore, a lot of irregularities in the product will be polished away by this machine, and this process increases the shelf life of produce as well. Allround will advise on the hardness of the brush.
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Allround Polisher TD 250-12


Allround Storage Hoppers

Storage Hoppers are designed to act as a buffer in a processing line (French fries, bhujia, namkeen, chips, starch line), or between a processing line and a packing line. The Storage Hoppers are designed to be built-in segments. The content of the machine depends on the length and height of the machine.
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Allround Potato Storage Hopper SH 50-25-32


Allround Shake Grader

The Allround Shake grader is designed to grade potatoes, onions, and another round vegetables according to the square size. The product is fed to the top of the machine onto the top sieve. The sieves in the machine shake in sequential frequencies, which causes the potatoes to move along on the sieves.

The movements of the sieves are caused by the motor on the front side of the machine. This motor drives a crankshaft. The crankshaft causes the shaking of the sieves. The motor of the machine has a computer-controlled frequency inverter, which causes the sieves to shake in several sequential frequencies.
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Allround Shake Grader


Allround Radial grader

The Allround Radial grader is equipped with laterally placed grading rolls made of stainless steel. The distance between these rolls changes in steps over the different grading stages.

Conveyor belts are placed under the machine, one for each grading size. When the distance between the rollers changes above the size sections, every second roller lowers its position. This ensures proper positioning of the product between the rollers.

The speed is adjustable by frequency control, and the machine is equipped with a special greasing system. It can grade the potato, onions, and Carrots as well
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Allround Radial Potato Grader R-80


Receiving, handling, processing, storage, washing, destoning, and feeding solution for bhujia, chips, and french fries line


Allround Receiving, washing, destoning line to feed processing line

Receiving, temporary storage, brusher, destoning, and a washing line to feed peeling, French fries, bhujia, and starch line.