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Allround Skin Separator
Skin Separator
The Allround skin separator is designed to remove floating pieces from the produce. This could be for example loose pieces of skin or branches and leaves. The machine works on the principle that the product is heavier than the pieces that are to be taken out
Allround Big-bag Filler
Big-bag Filler
The Allround Big-bag filler is designed to fill big bags continuously in the most gentle way possible. This is achieved by a fall damping system which automatically goes up as soon as the level of product in the big bag requires.
Allround Palletizer
​​The VPM – 5 ECO Palletizer makes automatic palletizing accessible for every company by combining the experience from Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions with the production experience of Allround India.
Allround Horizontal Box Filler
Horizontal Box Filler
Allround Horizontal Box Filler is designed to fill boxes of various sizes in the most product-friendly way possible. The machines are designed in such a way that the product damage is reduced as much as possible and to fill the box completely from sides as well.
​​Allround Box Stacker
Box Stacker
​​Allround box stackers are designed to speed up the process of stacking and can be easily added to existing lines. This process provides a logistic advantage by reducing forklift movements.
Allround Shake grading line SG 60 series
Shake grading line SG 60 series
Shake grading line SG 60 series for table and seed potatoes
TAG Industrial of Marcus & Millichap
Allround Destoner machine
Destoner machine
The Allround VP destoner machine is designed to remove​​ dirt and stones. When there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines. The machine can be integrated into a washing machine for an even cleaner end result.
Allround Fixed Roller sets
Allround Fixed Roller sets
​​​​​​​​The Allround Fixed roller sets are designed to take out loose skin and dirt. This raises the capacity of the line and reduces the amount of dirt in the other machines and is the most gentle and efficient way of pre-cleaning.
Allround Storage hopper–box tipper combinations
Storage hopper box tipper combinations
The storage hopper with box tipper is designed to act as a buffer with tipping possibility. A box with produce is placed into the tipper. The box tips and the products fall down into the storage hopper.
Allround Allstore
Allstore is regulating the temperature, relative humidity, and CO₂ level inside the storage building to the optimal values to maintain the product quality with minimal storage losses.


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