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Allround Space Finder

​​​The Allround Space Finder is designed in such a way that bulk stores are filled in the most effective manner. The Space Finder makes sure every inch of the storage facility is used.

ASF 950


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Allround Space Finder ASF 950

Allround Space Finder ASF 950

  • Belt width - 600 mm
  • Minimal length - 6350 mm
  • Maximal length - 9500 mm
  • Maximal discharge height - 5400 mm
  • Swing reach - 13000 mm


Optionally it is possible to add the pickup scooter and Duo belt. ​The Allround Pick Up scooter APS 250 is designed to empty bulk storage facilities. The bulk stores are cleared by the Pick-Up scooter by scooping up the produce. There is one driver needed, who will be working in comfort.