VAM WaterTech highlights its European water treatment experience at Potato Expo 2023

VAM WaterTech has been developing water treatment plants

VAM WaterTech at Potato Expo 2023

Diciembre 11, 2022
VAM WaterTech is one of the few Dutch companies that will participate in the Potato Expo 2023 in Gaylord Rockies, Aurora, Colorado. For VAM WaterTech, this is a great opportunity to further serve the American fruit and vegetable market with a system that makes process water from the Agrofood sector up to 95% reusable with full assurance of food safety.

VAM WaterTech has been developing water treatment plants for fruit and vegetable packers and processors for more than 20 years and now operates globally with a number of great references in America and Canada.

Saving on fresh produce process water

By linking water purification modules to the washing installations of fruit and vegetable packers and processors, they can save as much as 95% of their process water. Given the large amounts of water that this industry consumes, this is a huge saving on clean water, but also on costs for water consumption and machine maintenance and downtime.

Pure water simply leads to less wear and tear. In addition, much less polluted water is returned to the environment and the disposal of the contaminated sludge and sand is simple and inexpensive.

A pure potato/carrot, vegetable and fruit product

Just as important is that fruit and vegetable water purification ensures that packers and processors can purify their potato/carrot and vegetables up to 100% of pesticides, germs and bacteria.

This not only results in a much healthier product for the consumer, but also has advantages for the shelf life because cross-contamination is prevented. Retailer and consumer how to throw away less valuable food and save costs on a healthier product.

Dutch origin

Owner Eduard van Antwerpen, who will be present during the fair, comes from the Dutch countryside himself and has the ambition to convert his knowledge of technology with VAM into clean water innovations that have advantages for the entire fruit and vegetable chain, the consumer and her environment: 'healthy from soil to mouth'.

Eduard van Antwerpen:
"Water is an important means of production for fruit and vegetables, but even more important for the environment. By developing smart clean water technology, we can contribute a lot to the health of the fruit and vegetable sector, the consumer and our environment."

"We master various purification techniques with which we make installations that are tailored to the crop and the wishes of the company in question."

"We can build our machines modularly, from purification within the standards to 100% purification, from small to large company and with extra modules to, for example, keep track of and control the water values remotely."
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