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  • New: Dutch potato processor Aviko launches cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!
Potato Cheezz

Innovative plant based cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!

Enero 29, 2023
Dutch Potato Processor Aviko launches Potato Cheezz, a plant based product that looks like cheese, tastes like cheese and has a texture similar to cheese. There's no more denying it: plant-based foods are booming, and consumers are increasingly gravitating towards food that does not contain animal products. Plant-based products are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

The rise of plant-based food is a game-changer for the food sector. Aware of this development, Aviko Rixona - a renowned producer of dried potato products - was eager to explore the potential of extracting even more added value from potatoes! The company is now the first in the market to launch Potato Cheezz: cheese made from potatoes.

Potato Cheezz looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, and has a similar texture to cheese. What makes this plant-based cheese so unique and innovative? Potato Cheezz is salt-free, fat-free, and lactose-free! This makes Potato Cheezz many times healthier than cheese and all other plant-based cheeses. Potato Cheezz is completely in line with the growing consumer demand to eat vegan and eco-friendly.

Food industry applications

Potato Cheezz is the ideal replacement for cheese in finger foods, snacks, or fillings in meat substitutes. A special version of Potato Cheezz is available for use as a pizza topping or gratin. This Potato Cheezz is available in 10-kilogram blocks.