Agrico adquiere a The Potato Company

Potato cooperative Agrico to acquire The Potato Company (TPC) to expand its acreage and sales channels

Potato cooperative Agrico to acquire The Potato Company (TPC) to expand its acreage and sales channels

Febrero 20, 2024

La destacada cooperativa holandesa dedicada al desarrollo de variedades de papas, Agrico, anuncia con su intención de adquirir The Potato Company (TPC).

This also offers the benefits of synergy, which will help Agrico to further optimize its organization. Following a successful multiannual strategic partnership in the global seed potato world, this acquisition is a logical ‘next step’ for both organizations.

The acquisition of TPC allows Agrico the prospect of continuing to achieve its growth objectives within the shrinking seed potato market in Western Europe, enabling it to remain a stable and reliable partner in the sector.

Mark Zuidhof, CEO of Agrico:

"This acquisition contributes to Agrico’s growth objective in Western Europe’s shrinking seed potato market. This allows us to focus even more strongly on the sales and development of monopoly varieties. TPC’s distribution network to more than 60 countries is also an excellent addition to our sales channels."

Subsidiary TPC

The rapidly growing company, TPC, was established almost 20 years ago and it has more than 450 hectares of seed potatoes, grown on a pool contract basis, and it is also very active in free trade. Aside from its significant acreage, TPC also has an effectively run distribution network for both its monopoly varieties and free trade varieties. TPC is accomplished at developing potato varieties with broad potato cyst nematode resistance.

TPC will become part of Agrico as a wholly-owned subsidiary, remaining an entity within the group. TPC’s committed and experienced workforce will therefore remain formally employed by TPC B.V. This will ensure that the valuable knowledge of the market and operational activities will also be retained. 

Owner Gaby Stet is looking forward to a successful integration of TPC’s seed potato activities within Agrico.

Gaby Stet:

"I am proud that we have brought the company so far for almost 20 years, and I look forward to further growth and professionalization along with Agrico. TPC, as a second sales channel within the Agrico group, will also be able to further evolve its international activities. Along with Agrico, we will be able to continue to guarantee the return for our growers and, in terms of sales, we will remain visible under the identity of TPC."

Both Mark Zuidhof, Agrico’s CEO, and Gaby Stet (TPC) are convinced that this acquisition will be a win-win for both parties. It offers affiliated growers an optimum solution for a higher grower’s balance, whilst stimulating the growth and development of both Agrico and TPC.

By means of this strategic acquisition, Agrico and TPC join forces to achieve joint success in the dynamic world of seed potatoes.

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