Fruit Logistica: Sorma Group launches a new box filling robot

Fruit Logistica: Sorma Group launches a new box filling robot

Fruit Logistica: Sorma Group launches a new box filling robot

Febrero 07, 2024

Fruit Logistica, the fruit and vegetable sector’s biggest global business event, is opening at the Berlin showgrounds. This year Sorma Group (Hall 2.1, stand C10) is launching a new box filling robot, yet another solution for improving automation in the post-harvesting processing of fruit and vegetables. The machine, designed to facilitate the placing of packs in boxes, is ready for sale on all markets. 

Like many of Sorma’s latest innovations, this solution also stands out from the current market offering for its speed combined with the delicacy and precision with which it performs the process: the new robot, which meets the average needs of a weighing and packaging line, is able to place up to 50-60 packs a minute, enabling it to substitute for one or two production-line operatives.

What’s more, the automatic hand guarantees delicacy: within the machine, the product is handled and placed by an articulated robot which actually puts it in position, in contrast with conventional filling machines, where the pack is pushed around the belt and then dropped into the destination containers. The hand thus prevents potential impacts and a final oscillation settles the pack inside the box, with the added benefit of precise positioning. 

Moreover, this machine is exceptionally versatile: thanks to its universal automatic hand, the robot is able to handle the entire Sorma range of net packaging solutions. Developed at Sorma’s German location, the machine is ready for sale on all markets where the Cesena-based Group operates. 

Fruit Logistica is also the opportunity for updating the trade and journalists on the entire Sorma Group offering, a catalogue that covers all phases of post-harvest processing of fruit and vegetables, constantly increasing the automation and precision of these procedures with the aid of the most modern scenarios opened out by the integration of artificial intelligence.

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